Systemic Organizational Consulting, Training & Mental Coaching

Founder and CEO of necstwerk

Passion and enthusiasm define my work as a consultant, trainer, and coach.

I cannot think of anything more meaningful than accompanying and supporting people and organizations in their change processes. I incorporate current scientific findings in my entertaining training tools and spice it up with a little humor.

I believe in combining structure and playfulness in everything I do.

Learning and development can be fun!

My customers and colleagues appreciate my open and positive attitude: through acknowledgment they can recognize their own resources, strengths, abilities and potentials; thus, new perspectives and problem-solving strategies can arise.

What my customers and colleagues say about me

„Susanne is a wonderful, dedicated and intelligent colleague with whom I really enjoy working together.
Even in complex, international organizational development projects she keeps track, structures, and leads with a striking good mood. Just like me, our clients value Susanne’s reliability, professionalism, and integrity.“

Angela Posch

BrandCoach for People and Organizations

What my customers and colleagues say about me

“Susanne Knossalla is a colleague with know-how and passion for her job. She has not only found a profession, but rather her vocation! A gift for all who are allowed to work with her…”

Carina El-Nomany

CEO Training and Coaching, elccon – el-nomany change consulting

What my customers and colleagues say about me

“I have facilitated several workshops with international participants together with Susanne Knossalla and was always thrilled to see her professionalism and the thorough preparation of these workshops. She has a good sense for group atmospheres and what it takes to reach the workshop’s goal. Wholeheartedness describes her style very well. She is motivated to help the groups and shows a very positive persistence. I know her as exceptionally reliable, tenacious, and uncomplicated. I can only recommend working with her and I hope to keep on working with her for many years to come.”

Farid El-Nomany

CEO and Head of Consulting, elccon

What my customers and colleagues say about me

“Working together on two challenging projects, Susanne Knossalla has always managed to keep calm and stay in control. I know her as a charming colleague who knows how to handle managers and employees professionally and extremely prudently – even in difficult situations. I appreciate her consistent and very professional approach in creating agile and self-learning organizations.”

Manfred Brandstätter, MBA

CEO and Founder of “Die Organisationsgestalter”

What my customers and colleagues say about me

“I can completely recommend Susanne Knossalla! I find her absolutely competent, motivated, and attentive. I have experienced and learned from her how much mental training enriches life – in sports and also in all other areas of life. I am very grateful for that!”

Marc O.

Coachee, self-development / mental training

What my customers and colleagues say about me

“Working together with Susanne Knossalla I could experience her incredible passion for the profession. She has responded to all of our wishes and the needs of the team and has made the training fly by in a playful and authentic manner. For me, she represents exactly what a good trainer stands for. We are enthusiastic and motivated with my team and we are already looking forward to the next joint project.”

Christian Kisyna

Head of organisation Debeka, insurance businessman

What my customers and colleagues say about me

“With her open, emphatic nature and competent, professional work style, Susanne has helped me a lot in processing previous negative experiences in exam situations and in turning them into positive ones. This is very useful in my current studies in dentistry in every stressful and test situation as well as in attestations.”

Theresa K.

Coachee, exam preparation

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