Creating added value together

My core competencies include systemic consulting for organizations, supporting smaller and larger change management projects, training teams and groups, as well as mental coaching individuals.


In cooperation with my partners (necstwerk), I offer comprehensive services to achieve sustainable positive change. At the beginning of a project I always ask the same question:

“What suits this system, this organization, and this team the best?”

For me, innovation means supporting customers, understanding the need for change, and finding exciting new ways to succeed.

Systemic organizational consulting
My task as an organizational consultant is focused on assisting people to help themselves (“shadow consulting”). Our work usually contributes to reducing communication barriers, improving problem solving competences, and moving a bit closer to the “impossible”. This progress requires organizations to orient themselves to the constantly changing environment (customers, markets, etc.) and to implement necessary adjustments.

Organizations are complex systems, often consisting of numerous hierarchical levels and always having multiple networks striving for a specific goal. In case of malfunctioning systems, systemic organizational consulting contributes to the stabilization and further development of the entire system. Therefore, the focus is never on the individual, but rather on a successful interaction between all parts of the organization.

A great variety of consulting methods enables the necessary interventions, always adapted to the respective corporate culture. I work with classical change management instruments as well as with agile project management methods. Experience shows the importance of exploring and analyzing methods, in order to find the suitable one for the particular people and organization.

Workshops & trainings
Clear and structured preparation in combination with a solution-oriented and efficient implementation enables successful trainings and workshops. When learning and developing is fun, we (team and trainer) have created real added value.  

I offer workshops and trainings on the following topics:

  • Communication/conversation techniques
  • Mental training – business & sport
  • Team development
  • Lifelong learning, special didactic approaches
Mental coaching
In addition to consulting and designing organizations, and conducting trainings, I also guide individuals in their individual personal development as well as athletes on their way to achieve peak performance. I utilize the highly effective techniques of mental training for that. Originally developed for professional athletes, now this technique is also used in business and by private individuals.

In the human brain, processes are constantly running and as such they are used in mental coaching: Images are formulated from our imagination which constantly determine our actions. Unfortunately, this usually happens unconsciously and uncontrollably; thus, it can often be counterproductive: If our thoughts are oriented towards uncertainties, fears, and failures, we will blocks ourselves and cannot achieve our goals in a positive or solution-oriented way.

The purpose of mental training/coaching is to dissolve such blockades and to steer thinking in positive and constructive directions. The foundation of this must first be the recognition and definition of our own situation, our own abilities and our own goals. – My task is to make you become aware of them. In the context of coaching; however, the participants are put in a position where they can realize and focus their strengths independently and thus develop their own potential.